Becoming a volunteer is quite simple.  Drop by the thrift shop and fill out an application, someone will be in touch with you.  Go to the animal shelter, any day Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., tell us you are there to volunteer and we will put you to socializing pets immediately.  No application to be filled out at the shelter.  Just pick which area is best suited for you and get started!

Animal Shelter:

  • Dog walking & socializing - We have found that if our dogs are sociable, they are more likely to be adopted.  We need volunteers to come to our facility and walk dogs, pet them and play with them.  Puppies aren't born wearing collars, they have to learn that it's not something to be scared of.  We need people to help puppies learn that collars and leashes are a good thing.
  • Dog bathing - When our dogs go to satellite adoption sites, it is a much more pleasant experience for them and their adopters if they are clean.  We bathe them the day before they go on these trips. We also try to have our adult dogs and puppies bathed before they go for their spay/neuter.
  • Cat cuddling & petting - Cats adjust to new surroundings a little easier than dogs, but they still need human contact.  Our cats love it when volunteers come pet and hold them and the kittens love new playmates.   

Thrift Shop:    

  • Sorting and pricing - We get a lot of items donated from our community daily and we need volunteers to work in the back rooms sorting these items.  Sorting clothing between ladies, children and menswear, then pricing and putting items on racks ready for sale.  We get household goods that sometimes need cleaned making them ready to sell.  We get books that need to be categorized and put on the sales floor.  We have seasonal items which need to be sorted, packed away or put on the sales floor, and the list goes on and on.
  • Cash register - Some volunteers would rather be at the check out desk instead of sorting.  We try to work this around all volunteer's schedule.  Most days the check out person only works a 3-hour shift.

Satellite Adoption Sites: 

  • We go to several different sites throughout the year - Cajun Days in Reeds Spring, WoofStock in Springfield, Autumn Daze in Branson, just to mention a few.  We need volunteers that can help set up tables and crates, help walk and clean up after the dogs at these sites.  If you can't leave the shelter with the satellite adoption team, you can meet the team at the site.  

Fund Raising:                      

  • Volunteers are needed at fund raising events.  Each event is different but we're sure there's something you can do to help.  Just check our Calendar of Events and see if there's an upcoming event that you would like to help with. 
  • You can even set up a fund raiser of your own, garage sale, bake sale, in-store event if you own a business, etc.  Just call the shelter before your event and we will be more than happy to help and have volunteers on-site when needed. 

Fund Bank Collectors:

  • We need volunteers to deliver and collect the funds donated in our "fund banks" placed in various businesses around the area.  We have a fund bank coordinator, but help is always needed to canvass different areas and be responsible for collecting the money in these fund banks on a regular basis.

Nursing Homes:                                                                                                               

  • We are able to have one of our sweet dogs go on nursing home visits once a week.  We have that dog all bathed and ready to go.  If we have more than one nursing home volunteer, we might be able to do this more often.  There are several nursing homes in our community that encourage this type of socialization with their residents.

Best Choice UPC Bar Codes/ Harter House Receipts:

  • Save all your Best Choice UPC Bar Codes and Harter House Receipts and drop off at the shelter or thrift store, or mail to Tri-Lakes Humane Society, P O Box 588, Reeds Spring, MO 65737.  You would not believe how much this helps with our funding.

Amazon Smile, E-Bay, Employee Deductions, Employee Matching Funds:

  • If you sell a lot of items on Amazon or E-bay, you can have a percentage of your proceeds donated to the Tri-Lakes Humane Society.  You can also check with your employer about non-profit organization donations, or matching fund donations.  Every penny is collected, counted and used up to care for our animals.

Guardian Angels:

  • If you are unable to adopt a pet but would still like to help a pet, we have our Guradian Angel Program.  Your tax deductible monthly donation of $25 helps a particular pet with vetting bills, spay/neuter, food and care until that pet gets adopted.  When that happens, we assign you a new pet for as long as you want to be a Guardian Angel.

These are just some of the ways you can help.  All help is greatly appreciated.  Please let us know where you feel you would like to help and we will be glad to put you to work.  You will find that there is great satisfaction in helping those who can't speak for themselves - our little furry friends.

Remember, there best hope is us... our ONLY hope is you!