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Wanted to send word of the babies cecil and sam and how they are doing. It didn't take any time for them to worm their way into our hearts. Samalam has assumed the role of keeping the boys in line and is an absolute princess. They both seem to always find each other when it's time for bed, snuggling in right next to each other. They both like their brother booboo and we love it when they all chase each other about like a herd of elephants. 

We fell on hard times and are stuck and have had to be full time rv residents. We don't know what we would have done without our babies and love them very much. I have begun to change the bus around to suit our babies, haven't finished the race track but they seem to like it. 

Would like to thank you so much for letting us have our babies and will send updated pictures on the kitty rv. 

David and Christa Ranchie

Hi! We just wanted to give you an update on a dog we got from you the day after Christmas! His name was Bronson, so you know which dog we're talking about. We named him Solomon and he is AMAZING! He fit into our family immediately and even adjusted to our dog Treasure like they had been friends their whole life! He has such a sweet personality and loves our kids and us. He curls up with my daughter to watch TV sometimes and loves car rides. He and Treasure are inseparable and we couldn't be happier! I'm attaching a few pictures of him playing in our yard and of him & Treasure in their igloo. They each have their own house, but they choose to cuddle together in the same house! Thank you for connecting us to such a sweet dog that we now consider part of our family. 

Emily Thompson

Emily Baker wrote:Just wanted to let you guys know that Harvey, now affectionately named Dakota, is doing amazing! He is the sweetest boy. Dakota is the most perfect snuggly, yet energetic addition to our family. Thank you for introducing us!

Bobbie Freeman wrote - About 1 year ago my daughter and I came in and we adopted Natasha a white Blue Russian/Siamese mix she was a barn cat and you guys were worried she would never come around to be an indoor cat. Well she is the best indoor cat we have ever had and is so loveable. Thank you for letting her be apart of our family :-) 

Liz Dyson wrote: I wanted to give an update on Quinten, we adopted him in November. On the car ride, he was a little nervous getting used to us. He has adapted quite well, his standards are he needs a spot on the couch. He loves his treats and getting belly rubs. A couple of weeks ago, we removed two tumors and has fully recovered. He shares our home with two dogs and several cats, which our rescue kittens like to sleep on or next to him. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do and we encourage anyone to adopt a senior, dog or cat. 

Maranda Boyd wrote - Hi! I adopted Denny (who is now known as now Alistor 'Mad Eye' Moody) about a month ago, on Christmas Eve. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know how he is. Alistor is settling in beautifully and made fast friends with our kitten, Ronald Weasley. They love to play together and they sleep snuggled up on our bed every night. He is getting more and more comfortable and is as curious as ever. Thank you for letting this sweet boy be a part of our family! 

Phoebe Powers wrote - We adopted Katrina when she was at Petsmart in Springfield. She likes to snuggle with both my husband and myself on the couch, and has the magical ability to put both of us to sleep with her purring.  She is even getting along with the dog and can often be seen sleeping on his bed, regulating him to the floor.

Lena Hoeflicker sent us this update.  In the past 3 years, we have adopted (from left to right) Rhodey, Trooper & Georgia - all from Tri-Lakes. They have brought so much fun to our lives, and they are like the Three Amigos now! 

Raven's new owner works at Walgreens, where we get a discount on our photo printing.  He adopted Raven a few months ago and couldn't say enough good things about the pouch.  Raven likes to be outside to give the evil eye to neighborhood cats and foxes.  He isn't a lap dog but is getting more affectionate and he is eating very well.  

Good morning!

Snoopy update.  He is perfect and seems to love it here.  He's house and crate trained, walks well on a leash, and has excellent manners.  We haven't been to the dock yet but are slowly introducing him to the water along shore.  Lots of new smells and sounds here.

Thank you for helping us pick our new family member!❤

The Robbins Family

Winnie and Pooh were adopted together from the shelter in September and they are fitting into their new family.