The Importance of Spay/Neuter


We now have all our pets spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  Just making sure that is one less thing you have to worry about when adopting your new best friend.

We're sure you've seen those cool license plates saying "I'm Pet Friendly" and wish you had one!  Well, now you can!  Just click on and get signed up!  You can either personalize your plates or not!  You pay a little extra for those license plates but at the same time you are helping thousands of cats and dogs across the great State of Missouri get spayed and neutered.  Each year the State of Missouri awards grants to humane societies and animal rescue groups to help spay/neuter pets from their immediate areas.  In 2015 the Tri-Lakes Humane Society received $1,800 grant and helped people in our area spay/neuter 38 animals.  In 2016 we received $1,000 and were able to help with 25 animals spayed or neutered.  The money goes to help public animals, not shelter animals!  So, if you are ready to have a "cool" license plate that all your neighbors will envy, just log on to and get started helping shelters help cats and dogs all over the great State of Missouri and help the people that love them!


For those people who already have their best friend, but need to have the procedure done, we recommend the SAAFhouse Spay/Neuter Clinic in Springfield.  They do a low-cost spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.  If you would like more information about the SAAFhouse, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113 or call them direct at 417-831-7223.

In 2013, 2014, and 2015 we adopted out over 700 animals each year; in 2016 and 2017 over 800 animals and ALL were spayed or neutered!

We have a spay/neuter fund which allows us to offset the cost of having all our animals altered.   You can donate to this fund by sending your tax deductible contribution to:

Tri-Lakes Humane Society
P O Box 588
Reeds Spring, MO 65737
Attention:  Spay/Neuter Fund