Occasionally we have kittens/cats or puppies/dogs that we want to see get adopted together, so we offer them as a "2-FURR" adoption, you know - buy one get one free!  Sometimes they are kittens that come in together and get along so well together that we don't want to split them up.  Sometimes dogs come in together that have been together their whole life and would be miserable without each other.  So, please check out our "2-FURRS" and see if you might be able to fit a "pair" of them into your family.


It's not mandatory that these pairs go together, it is just a suggestion on our part that will make them happy, make us happy, save you $$$ and they are a good fit for each other, AND taking any one of these pairs will make you happy, too!


Button and  Ty are 2.5 year old males.  These guys were owner relinquished due to the owner's health issues. The owner requested that the two be adopted together so they need to be adopted as a pair.   They are still pretty shy around strangers but are warming up to the staff.  They are both beautiful gray tabbies, Ty is just a little darker.  They have both been neutered and vaccinated.  These guys deserve a loving home can you open your home to these two beauties.