Adopting a Senior Pet can be quite rewarding.  We often have pets that are over 7 years, which is  considered Senior for dogs and 8 years is considered Senior for cats.  We have found that these pets still have a lot of life in them and they are so appreciative to have a new home.  You will be so happy if you adopt a Senior, you don't have to put up with that puppy or kitten rambunctiousness!  Senior pets are secure with themselves and are happy just to be with you and be a part of your family.  Speaking from experience, the publisher of this website, adopted one of our "free" dogs who was 10 years old at the time, had been at the shelter for 4 years and is the best dog ever.  He loves his new home and only wants to do what makes his family happy.  He is a great dog and never a bother.  At 17 years old now, we hope he still has a long, healthy, we know a happy, life ahead of him.

 Ginger and  BeBe came in together, and got adopted together!!!

 FiFi is a very sweet girl, 10 years old and spayed.  She is a Lab mix with a wonderful personality.  FiFi is very smart, very well mannered, great on a leash and housebroken.  Her person passed and no family to care for her.  FiFi, and 2 best friends came to the shelter together.  She would make someone that perfect side-by-side companion and she's ready to go home with you today, for however much time she has left - she will love you truly!

 Custer is a 10 year old Hound/Shepherd mix with a great personality and very nice manners, and we think he is housetrained.  He and his 2 friends came to the shelter because their person passed and no family to care for them.  Custer is a quiet, gentle boy, fairly large at about 80 lbs.!  He is very sweet, never meets a stranger and loves everybody.  Custer would love to go home with you and just lay on the porch - you know like a good ol' hound dog does :)  He will be available for pick up on May 1!

So, please check out our seniors and see if you might give one of them a chance at a good life with your family.  Their time is precious and they will love you for sharing that time with them.



From time to time we take in an animal that has "Special Needs" and we will post that animal here.  Always that pet becomes very "special" to us here at the shelter and we can assure you that pet will also become very "special" to you, if you decide to adopt.  We hope that when we post that pet on this page, you will consider giving that pet a chance.

 Bob & Weave  are 7 months old  and neutered, Lab/Terrier/Shepherd mix pups.  They have a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which causes their back end to bob up and down and when they run sometimes their back legs don't want to go the same direction as their front legs.  When they walk, it is not as noticable.  Sometimes they have a little trouble standing up, but they suppor one another when that happens.  They are very sweet boys, love people and love to play, especially with water bottles.  They will run and fetch and they are ready to go again.  Bob & Weave love people and love to be with them.  They are super sweet, affectionate boys and they are hoping you have a nice fenced back yard with lots of shade for summer and a nice warm dog house for winter.  These boys are great! 

 Joy is deaf and needs   Pride to help take care of her.  They are about 1-1/2 years old, brother and sister, even though they don't look so much alike - she has the look of the Heeler and he has that Bulldog look.  They are both very sweet, smart dogs that love people.  They are happy dogs with wonderful personalities.  Their family had to move and couldn't take them both but didn't want to separate them.  Come meet Pride & Joy and see if they might be a good fit for you and your family.

 Ginger adopted!