Ocassianally we have kittens/cats or puppies/dogs that we want to see get adopted together, so we offer them as a "2-FURR" adoption, you know - buy one get one free!  Sometimes they are kittens that come in together and get along so well together that we don't want to split them up.  Sometimes dogs come in together that have been together their whole life and would be miserable without each other.  So, please check out our "2-FURRS" and see if you might be able to fit a "pair" of them into your family.

 Mozart and   Bart are brothers that were caught before they became feral :)  They were pretty wild at first, but have calmed down considerably.  They are 6 months old and neutered.  Bart seems to be the more friendly of the pair, but they both do like to be petted, just not much on being picked up.  They would be the purrfect in/out cats, once they become aware of their surroundings.  So, with all that being said, Bart & Mozart are a "2FURR" adoption!!!  If you are looking for some good mousers and smart, still playful kittens, here ya go!

 Fern (left) and Treasure (right) kinda look like those guys above :)  These little girls are 4 months old and spayed.  They were tiny kittens when they were rescued and never got a lot of really good socialization.  They are not feral, they just aren't the most affectionate outgoing kittens.  But they get along together fabulously.  They would love to have a new home where they can get just a little TLC and have a family to love them.  They are quiet kittens and no trouble at all.  They would probably be good in/out adults once they have grown up in their new environment.  Treasure and Fern are a "2FURR" adoption and they are ready to go home with you today!


It's not mandatory that these pairs go together, it is just a suggestion on our part that will make them happy, save you $$$ and they are a good fit for each other, AND taking any one of these pairs will make you happy, too!