Adopting a Senior Pet can be quite rewarding.  We often have pets that are over 7 years, which is  considered Senior for dogs and 8 years is considered Senior for cats.  We have found that these pets still have a lot of life in them and they are so appreciative to have a new home.  You will be so happy if you adopt a Senior, you don't have to put up with that puppy or kitten rambunctiousness!  Senior pets are secure with themselves and are happy just to be with you and be a part of your family.  Speaking from experience, the publisher of this website, adopted one of our "free" dogs who was 10 years old at the time, had been at the shelter for 4 years and is the best dog ever.  He loves his new home and only wants to do what makes his family happy.  He is a great dog and never a bother.  At 17 years old now, we hope he still has a long, healthy, we know a happy, life ahead of him.

 Harrison is a nice ol' gentleman dog, 11 years old and neutered, a Shepherd/Hound mix with the sweetest, most gentle personality - unless you happen to be a chicken :)  His first person moved to the nursing home and his next person lived on a farm where there "were" several chickens, now there's not, if you know what we mean ;)  Harrison is great on a leash, loves people, is good with kids and other dogs and he's housebroken, just waiting on his new, forever person to come pick him up - without chickens!


So, please check out our seniors and see if you might give one of them a chance at a good life with your family.  Their time is precious and they will love you for sharing that time with them.



From time to time we take in an animal that has "Special Needs" and we will post that animal here.  Always that pet becomes very "special" to us here at the shelter and we can assure you that pet will also become very "special" to you, if you decide to adopt.  We hope that when we post that pet on this page, you will consider giving that pet a chance.