When an animal has been at our facility for 1 year, we let someone adopt that dog or cat for free (no adoption fee). We feel that any animal that has been at the shelter for 1 year, has been with us long enough and we hope that by offering that dog or cat as a free adoption, he or she will find a good, forever, loving home.

Please keep in mind that when you adopt a shelter dog, especially one that has been at the shelter for 1 year or more, it is not like purchasing a dog from a breeder, or getting a puppy from a friend or from the Wal-Mart parking lot. Shelter dogs have lived in a different environment and sometimes are timid, or some noises that you take for granted, may scare them. Most shelter dogs take a lot of patience and love, but you will be so happy when you do adopt one and find out what a wonderful, appreciative dog you have. All a shelter dog wants is for someone to love them, because they will love you back 10-fold.

The same is true when you adopt a shelter cat that has been at the shelter for 1 year or longer. The shelter is the only home they have known, so it may take a little time for them to adjust to their new "home" environment. Sometimes a cat may stay hid under the bed for over a week, but don't push, give them time and patience and they will come to your way of thinking on their own. You will be so happy when that new family member wants to spend as much lap time with you as you want to spend with him/her.

However, when a dog or cat has been at the shelter for over 1 year, but they came to the shelter as an adult, they adjust extremely well. They remember what life was like before being in a cage or kennel 24/7 and you will find that you have just adopted a great new best friend, sometimes very well trained and very well mannered!

 Pepsi is what you might call a "full-figured" gal :)  She came to the shelter in April, 2016, just over 1 year ago!  Pepsi was very put off in the beginning and it took several months for her to come out of her kennel and be sociable.  Now, she's up in everybody's business, loves to be petted, just not too much.  She will definitely let you know when she's done.  We call that "cattitude" and she's got it!  She does have a wonderful personality, you just have to get to know her and take her as she is.  Pepsi will make someone the purrfect companion, just so long as things go mostly her way :) :) :)  Pepsi is a "free" adoption to the right person (the person she picks)!


Hopefully you will find your new best friend on this page, a new pet that you would like to open your home and heart to, and to give a chance at a better life. Any of these dogs and cats would love to meet you and give you a chance also, to help you both have a better life.