JUNE 2018
(Our Monthly Special is only effective at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society facility.)

A lot of times an adult cat, and sometimes a kitten, will be with us longer than we hope they would be.  And of course, if they are with us for over 6 months they go to a 1/2 price adoption fee, for 1 year or longer, they go to a no/charge adoption fee.  So this month, we are going to make our JUNE MONTHLY SPECIAL - any "shy" cat, or what we deem as "shy" will be at a special adoption fee of $60!

All the cats shown below will be at that reduced rate for the month of June.  They may not all be SHY cats, sometimes, they just aren't happy living at the shelter, so they don't pay attention to visitors, not knowing they are possible adopters.  And some cats just don't want to be bothered :) - we call that no-trouble-at-all cats!!!  

Most are happy to be petted and would make great "lap cats", but the shelter environment just doesn't bring out that sweet side.  So stop by for a visit and pet our "shy" cats.  We're pretty sure you will find the one (or more) :) that is purrfect for you!  

 Praline    Mariah

 Elsa    Tobias    Moonshine

‚ÄčIsn't this a nice variety.  To learn more about each cat on this page, go to our "Cool Cats" page and study up, see which one will be the best fit for you and your family!