(Our Monthly Special is only effective at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society facility.)

December is a busy month and a lot going on all over the area.  And in the spirit of things - we again want to do our December Special -

We've chosen 6 dogs and 6 cats that have been with us a little longer than we and they would have liked.  Sometimes they are overlooked because people tend to adopt the puppies and kittens first, or they are just not real "showy" animals.  So we hope by showcasing them on our December Special 12 Pets of Christmas, you will find just who you've been looking for!

​During December the dogs on this page will be available at a $75 adoption fee and the cats available at a $60 adoption fee!  AND, as a cat or dog gets adopted, we will add a new cat or dog to this page and to this special - so keep checking this page or call the shelter!


Somever of these animals have been on our "monthly specials" before, but we are hoping the 12 PETS OF CHRISTMAS will be just what you are looking for - maybe a gift for a friend or family member - or better yet, a gift for yourself! 

PILGRIM adopted!
GEORGE ​adopted!
FUMANCHU ​adopted!
​NATASHA adopted!