(Our Monthly Special is only effective at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society facility.)

Our employees get very excited in October every year because that is when our Monthly Special is EMPLOYEE PICKS!!!  They love giving their reason why a particular cat or dog is their favorite in hopes that will get them adopted :)

So with no further ado :) in alphabetical order (employees, not animals) the October Special is "Employee Picks" - Dog Adoption Fee - $75/Cat Adoption Fee - $60!  Now, that is special!!!

ALAN picked  ​MOCHA ​because she came from a home where she had been neglected because her person was too ill to take care of her, but has made a remarkable recovery and loves everybody now and loves all the attention she can get; AND  ​OREO ​because he has gone from our "problem child" to a loved member of our family.  He's quit climbing and started getting along well with other animals.  Such a smart, sweet boy!
AMANDA loves  ​POP​ for his gentle ways and how he loves everybody and lays at your feet literally just for some love and affection; AND 
 ​BART ​who had a rough start, not wanting to be rescued and still not much on being held, but has blossomed into a very sweet boy that loves to be petted and is now very tolerant of people :)
​ASHLYN​  chose  ​ANTON ​he gets laughed at a bit because of his size (beginning at 28 lbs. - now only 22 lbs. :)), but once you meet him and see how sweet and loving he is everybody  immediately falls in love with him.  He has a loud, deep purr and always lets you know when it's supper time; AND   ​ZELENA ​(adopted)!
CHERYL ​really likes  ​ANASTASIA ​because she gets along so well with all the other cats and loves to play mom to the smaller kittens and curls up with them.  She also loves people; AND  ALISON because she is so sweet and loves to be picked up and loved on and will just curl up for you to carry her around :)! ​
​JOB ​picks  FRISKY, ​the sweetest, cuddliest cat in Connie's Cat House who loves everybody and loves to be petted, just not picked up; AND   PENNIE ​who is one of those best dogs ever, but is always overlooked because she's a little older.  She is a sweet, loving dog who will tell you when she is not getting enough attention by barking and not looking at you.  She is quite the talker :) NOT barker, just a talker!
MELANIE ​loves  FIFI ​who also is one of the best dogs ever, she loves walks and to play in the water.  She is overlooked, too because of her age, but she would make the perfect companion for anyone who wants a sweet, quiet, loving dog; AND  ​TIANA ​who is the true "drama queen" - has her days when she wants all the attention and then has her days when she wants absolutely nothing to do with you!  She is also overlooked because she does have a little "cattitude", as explained above :)!
RODNEY ​chooses  ​ANGEL ​(adopted); AND  WALKER ​because of his intelligence!  He's got a lot of energy, loves to hunt, loves people, kids and other animals.  Another one of our PERFECT dogs! ​

Our employees love all the cats and dogs they care for and it is always so hard to choose, but we hope this helps you maybe pick out your new best friend.  You can always come by and get more information on these animals or any others at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society.

Hope to see you soon!