All of our animals, at some time or another, need a guardian angel.  The Guardian Angel Program allows individuals to provide a future for a shelter cat or dog.  By becoming a Guardian Angel, you provide food, veterinarian care and housing for an animal at the shelter.  Many of the dogs and cats in the program have been at our shelter far too long and just need special care and love.  This is a way you can show some love to a special animal and help that animal have a better life at the shelter.

When your sponsored animal gets adopted, we then assign you another animal to be a Guardian Angel for.

You can come by the shelter and let us know you would like to be a Guardian Angel, or simply mail your $25.00 check to us at Tri-Lakes Humane Society, P O Box 588, Reeds Spring, Missouri 65737 / Attention:  Guardian Angel.

For your $25.00 monthly sponsorship you will receive a picture and information about the animal you are sponsoring.  A picture of your animal gets hung on the wall in the front office of the shelter with your name as the Guardian Angel.  Your name will appear on this page showing which animal(s) you are sponsoring.  If you prefer not to have your name on this page, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113.  You will be put on our mailing list, if you are not already on the list.   And many, many licks of gratitude from all of the furry friends at our shelter.

You can also come to the shelter to meet our animals and pick out which special pet you would like to sponsor.

Our Guardian Angel coordinator is:

Dianne Duncan
she can be reached at
or call the shelter at 417-272-8113

  Shep has been sponsored all these years by Doris and the late Larry Young! 

  Connie has 2 Guardian Angels - Pat Bell and Irma McCaskill, Irma also sponsors    Dodger    Pride &   Joy!

 Dexter is sponsored by John & Tamara Haslar!

 Weave &   Bob have 3 sponsors - Tricia Krause, Michael Bartlett who also sponsors  Oreo; and Barb & Gerald Oney who are Guardian Angels for   Veronica and   Bubba!

 Benny (adopted) is sponsored by Tracy & Tony Adler!

  Banj's Guardian Angels are Mike & Glenda Miller!

 Edith & Vic Gorrschall are new Guardian Angels and chose  Pepsi!

 Darrell is sponsored by Delores Viviano!

 Sweetie's Guardian Angel is Marianne Bunger!

 Georgia is sponsored by Betty & Carl Moore!

Crystal is sponsored by C.D. & Mary Vanderweel!

Chris Loyd is Guardian Angel for  Leo and    Luke 

​Jan Hoynacki sponsors   Blackie    Domino

 Sis and   Timber!

Tim Hopkins sponsors  Jacob! 

 Oxford's(adopted) Guardian Angel is Candace Ludeke!  

Gail Strong sponsors   Duke! 

 Trooper's sponsors are Rosa & Donald Lennon!

 Itty Bit's Guardian Angel is Patricia Sharp!

 Ceres   Titi and   Porter are all sponsored by Judie Sommers!

    Abbey's sponsors are Ardith & Gil Edminston!

 Bosco's Guardian Angel is Mary Phyl Dwight!

 Pilgrim's sponsors are Donna & David Madera!

So, if you would like to be a Guardian Angel for one of our wonderful pets, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113 or mail your tax deductible check in the amount of $25 per month to Tri-Lakes Humane Society, P O Box 588, Reeds Spring, MO 65737, or email diduncan@centurytel.net and let us know who you would like to sponsor, or we can pick a pet for you.

Thank you so much to all our Guardian Angels.  It is so nice to know that there are people out there who want to help and sometimes wish they could adopt, but can't and this is their way of helping just one animal in a very special way.