Our COOL CATS Welcome You to
Connie's Cat House!  

Dedicated to the memory and generosity of Tri-Lakes Humane Society supporter, Constance DePriest.

The following cats are at PetSmart Adoption Center from 10/9-10/28.

  Ellie   Gracie  and Taffy    

  Annabelle is 8 months old and such a cuddly little girl.  She was brought into the shelter by a rescuer who found her as a stray but couldn't keep her.  She is such a little love and is a great mother to her litter of kittens.  She has now been spayed and will make someone a great lap cat.

Ashley  is a 6 month old Tabby.  She is has beautiful golden eyes that are mesmerizing. She is still a little shy as she was found as a stray but she is warming up quickly. She has been spayed and vaccinated and is ready to work her wiles on you.

 Barry is 6 years old and still very enthusiastic.  This orange stunner is already pretty popular with the staff at the shelter.  He never met a stranger and is just everybody's best friend.  You couldn't ask for a nicer addition to your family.  Barry has been neutered and vaccinated and is anxiously awaiting a new home.    

  Becky wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot,   much happier taking her nap :)  She is 7 years old and spayed, a pretty Calico with Tabby stripes.  Her person became unable to care for her.  Becky is one of our "special need" pets because she is blind in one eye, but that doesn't seem to bother her at all.  She's a very sweet cat, loves to be petted and loves people.  She's a no-trouble-at-all cat and ready to go home with you today!

 Blossum is a beauty with a long, luxurious coat and  very sweet disposition to go along with it.  She is 2 years old and spayed, ready to go home with you today.  She showed up at her rescuer's house and lived on the back porch for a time until we had room.  Her rescuer was unable to keep her.  Then about 1 week after coming to the shelter, she had 4 kittens, not available yet, but Blossum certainly is and would love to make your acquaintance today!

                 Bunny came into the shelter as a stray and she is still a little shy but she is warming up to the staff and will be great addition to a loving home. Bunny is under 2 years old and she is now spayed and vaccinated.  She is a  beautiful gray and white cat with a really soft coat.     Cappuccino    Espresso and     Mocha   This coffee clatch of kittens are as varied as your favorite coffee drinks.  They are all tasty in their own special blended way.  Mocha is our little black cup of coffee.  These kittens are  3 month old.  Cappuccino, Espresso have been neutered and Mocha has been spayed so they are ready to go home with you and become a tasty addition to your family.

Cauliflower  has the most interesting ears hence the name.  She is 1 year old whose rescuer couldn't keep her due to allergies.  This girl just pranced out of her cage on picture day and made her presence known to all in the room.  She is spayed, vaccinated and  ready to go to a home that will fully appreciate her.

     Cecil is still a little shy, but he's really cute and sweet, if you can hold him long enough :)  He was found as a tiny stray, very hungry, but not sure if he could trust anybody.  Finally caught and brought to the shelter, he gets a little more trusting and outgoing every day.  He does love to play with all the other kittens and we think if you can adopt Cecil and a little friend together, it will make him the best friend you've ever had.  And he's cute, too!

 Clarissa is just a special kitty, that grey and black tabby has some very unusual orange on her as well.  This 3 month old little girl was found as a stray with her litter mates.   Clarissa needs to go to a home with no other cats but if you want two you could take her and Hansel together.  Clarissa needs to be an indoor cat.  This little sweetie will use her coy flirting skills to charm you but she won't need them because you will fall in love with her at first sight.

 Erica is a 1 year old female.  She was found as a stray with her 5 kittens.  She is a  very very good with the kittens.  She is warm and friendly so she is going to make someone a great cat.  She has been spayed and vaccinated, the kittens have been weaned and she is ready to go home with you.

 Elly is a precious little girl, all white except for the smudge of grey on the top of her sweet little head.  She is 1 and a half years old.  Relinquished by her owner she is well socialized and loves to be held.  She will make a great addition to your household.

 Goldielocks before   Goldielocks now - and she is doing so much better, not nearly as shy as she was when she first came to the shelter.  She is 2 years old and spayed, a pretty yellow Tabby cat with a sweet personality, just needs a little time to adjust.  Her person had too many cats, so Goldielocks may not have got a lot of socialization, but enough to make her a very nice, no-trouble-at-all cat.  And we think once you get her home, she will be your best friend, furrever!

 Gracie is still very shy, being new to the shelter   and a little confused as to why she had to come here.  Her person became ill and unable to care for her.  Gracie loves to be petted and loves people, so we know once you get her home especially with daughter, you will have the best furry furrever friend ever!  Gracie is a pretty Dilute Tortoiseshell cat, 4 years old and spayed.

Hansel came in with his sister Gretel (adopted) as a        stray but  this little kitten is just so charismatic.  He is 3 months old and has been neutered and vaccinated.  He is still a little shy but warming to the staff.  Hansel needs to go to a home without any other cats but if you want two cats you could take Hansel and Clarissa home together.  Hansel needs to be an indoor cat.  Those hypnotizing eyes are going to put a spell on you so be prepared to take him home.       

 Kato is one handsome dude, very calm, very sweet and very mature :)  He is 3 years old and neutered.  Kato was taken in as a stray, but we know with that super sweet personality, he once had a person.  He's not a needy cat, just an extremely nice one.  And did we mention, he's handsome, too?

Kiara is the prettiest silver tabby who was found near Reeds Spring Pizza with  her litter of three kittens.  She is 1 year old and has been spayed and had her shots.  She is friendly and will be a great addition to your family. 

Katie  is a 4 month old who was found as a stray.  This little black and white beauty is so lovable and just wants to snuggle in for a little cuddle.  She is gorgeous with that black and white coloring and those golden eyes.  Oh the selfies you could take with this looker.  Come in and meet her.

  Lovey is 3 months old and has been spayed and vaccinated.  This little lady has the most beautiful markings.  Don't you just want to boop Lovey's little nose with that adorable white spot.  This little girl is a sweet sweet kitty.  She is playful and warming up to everyone.  

 Maggie is an 8 year old striking beauty who was  owner relinquished.  She is such a good cat but doesn't really get along with other cats.  She is declawed and will make a great companion for you and your furniture.  This long haired girl has been spayed and neutered and is ready to warm up your lap.

 Mallory has the best little mustache ever.  She is a 1 year old found as a stray who wandered into her rescuer's yard.   She has been spayed and vaccinated.  She is a little shy but is adorable and making friends with the shelter staff.  She is just waiting for a forever home.

Maybelle is just over 1 year old and came to the shelter as a stay but she is doing great and warming up to the staff.  She has a wonderful disposition and enjoys attention.  This girl is spayed and vaccinated and ready to go to her forever home.

MacKenzie  is a 2 year old stunner.  Don't those golden eyes just call to you.  Take me home, take me home.  She was a stray but this girl is very friendly.  She only has half a tail but that doesn't seem to bother her.  This resilient cat has been spayed and is ready to go to her forever home.

 Midnite is a real sweetheart and never meets a stranger.   He is long and lean and very handsome.  Midnite is 1 year old and neutered.  His person had to move and couldn't take him with.  Midnite is very friendly and affectionate, loves to be petted and loves people.  He would love to meet you and go home with you today!

 Moonshine is a really pretty, very sweet little black cat, 5 years old and spayed.  Her person became unable to care for her and no family.  Moonshine was very shy at first, but not any more.  Now she's everybody's new best friend.  She loves to be petted and held.  Moonshine would love to be your best nap-time/lap-time companion and she's ready to go home today!

Mystery  Salem  Selena 

Twix  Tober  and Wednesday  These adorable litter mates were brought into the shelter once they were weaned.  Their rescuer kept their mother but couldn't keep all 6 kittens.  Twix is the odd little boy out in this group but those blue eyes would be a standout in any group.  His little black siblings are as cute as can be.  Mystery, Tober, Salem and Twix have all been neutered.  Selena and Wednesday have been spayed.  These adorable kittens are waiting for a home so they can spread their sweetness all around.

 O'Malley is such a sweet boy and very playful.   He is 3 months old and neutered.  He can be a tiny bit shy until he gets to know you, but very sweet once he does.  O'Malley and siblings were taken in as strays, but their rescuer was unable to keep them.  Now, all grown up, he is ready for his new furrever person to come pick him up, maybe that's you!

 Omoni is a beautiful silver Tabby cat, 2 years old and spayed.  She lays right now in her litter box (it's clean) just for a little security.  She came to the shelter with 4 tiny kittens and we didn't have room, so she was fostered for a few weeks.  Now, spayed and ready for her new home, Omoni will be out of that litter box in no time.  She does love to be petted and taken on over, just not needy!

 Princess is a beautiful Tri-Color cat, 2 years old and spayed.  She's not really a Calico and not really a Tortoiseshell, so we call that a Tri-Color.  Her person had too many cats so Princess  came to the shelter.  She not the happiest cat camper right now, being new to the shelter, but we think that will all change once you get her home.  She just needs a little adjustment time and a little TLC!

Samantha is a beautiful 4 month old who came  to the shelter as a stray but she likes to be held and was just a little purr box while we were taking her picture.  Those golden eyes are just mesmerizing and will draw you into her spell.  Come in and check out this bundle of love. 

 Sprout this 4 month old little dude is was relinquished by his owner who had too many cats. (Is there such a thing as too many cats?)  He is making his presence felt at the shelter.  He just sort of takes command of the room.  He has been neutered and vaccinated. Don't those golden eyes just say take me home, I'll make your life so much better. 

 Sundae could see no point in getting   up for the camera, looking up maybe :)  She is 2 years old and spayed.  Sundae is very sweet and affectionate.  She showed up at her rescuer's house hoping to stay, but rescuer couldn't keep her.  Sundae loves people, loves to be with them and took no time to adjust.  We're sure she will fit right in with your family, too, once you get her home!

 Taffy is a 5 year old male who came to the shelter because  his owner's grandchild is severely allergic to cats.  This beautiful tabby is a great cat with a lovely sweet nature.  He is a bit shy but is warming to the staff.  Oh and this guy is declawed.  It won't take him long for him to become a valued part of your family.  Come take him home and you'll be so happy you did.

Whiskey is that beautiful orange/cream color and he has amazing gold eyes to top off the exotic look.  He was owner relinquished because the owner could keep him.  Whiskey is 6 months old and has been spayed.  He will give you a warm feeling as he snuggles up to you and relaxes you with that little purr.  You need to take this boy home with you.

Yami, has the best blue eyes.  Don't you just want to give him a big old hug or a lovely treat?  She was owner relinquished and based on feedback Yami will probably do better in a home where he is an only pet with no young children.  He loves attention and likes to be brushed.  Yami is declawed and has been neutered and vaccinated.  So come give this guy a forever home.