Bob & Weave 
are now living at the
​Best Friends Animal Society in
Kanab, Utah

​Here are a few words from the boys about their trip:

BOB ​- we left the Tri-Lakes Humane Society at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, April 28, just before all those rains came and just in time, we would say!  Our chaueffer for the trip was a little worried that we might get car sick and such or not be very good riders, but we certainly surprised her!

WEAVE​ - we loaded right up, of course, with our chauffer's and caregiver's help (we can't jump you know).  We started going up through Springfield and it really started raining.  Then a blue van pulled right up behind us and I felt the need to bark because he was just too close!

BOB -  ​then on into Oklahoma where the sun finally came out and we were getting thirsty, so we all stopped for a drink of water and to do a little "business" if you know what I mean!

WEAVE​ -  here we are at the nicest rest area in the top of Texas!  The weather was so warm and we were having such a good time out in the grass we spent about 1 hour there.  Then back into the car again.  Our chaueffer was so proud of us because we didn't whine, or cry, or have any accidents at all!

BOB -  New Mexico was getting quite chilly and a bit blustery, still sunny, but we kept hearing weather reports about snow.  We thought, it is way too nice to be snowing anywhere, but the temperature kept dropping, then it started raining, and then yep, there we were in snow!!!  Our chaueffer had to slow way down and only drive about 55 mph - we thought that was fast, but she said she had it under control!  And the snowflakes were bigger than me and my brother had ever seen!  That was the end of our getting out an playing in the grass for quite a while! 

WEAVE ​- sorry to say we have no pictures of Arizona, it was so cold and windy, the snow had finally stopped, but then it got dark, so we were limited on our outside time, but that was okay with us.  We liked it much better in that warm vehicle we were riding in with lots of blankets and towels to keep us warm and cozy.

BOB ​-  and here we are just getting to Kanab, Utah, as the sun was rising.  It was such a fun trip and we were such good boys, no trouble at all, so said our chaueffer and caregiver for the trip.  We liked them, too and they were no trouble either!

WEAVE -  This is the building where we will be living for a couple of weeks.   Just like our home at Tri-Lakes, there is a 2 week waiting period where all dogs are checked out, vaccinated if needed (we don't need any yet) and observed before moving to our more permanent digs.  We liked all the people we met at Best Friends and they all said we were amazing dogs, even with our handicap, we get along very well.  And my brother Bob, actually walked right up those 4 steps into our new home, I could already do that :)

BOB - ​ This is going to be our view pretty much from now on, unless we get adopted and our new friends at Best Friends say that is very possible!  We hope that if you ever get to Utah that you will stop and visit us.  We would love to see some of our old friends from Missouri and can't wait to meet all the new ones in Utah!

BOB & WEAVE -   We would like to thank all the folks from the beautiful Ozarks that donated money to help us get to Utah.   We think we will be very happy here.  And we want to say thank you so much to all the staff at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society who took such good care of us for the last 9 months and didn't give up on us, knowing that we would some day get better!