You may have read about Bob & Weave in our August 2016, PawPrints, or you may have seen them on our website.  Well – they are off to Utah – and it’s sure to be a “big adventure” for them. 

They came to us in July, could hardly walk or even stand.  We thought they had ingested a toxin, but after several veterinarian consultations, it was decided they have something called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition that causes lack of coordination! We have tried to get them adopted with no success.  They have improved so much while being with us, receiving lots of encouragement and help from staff and many volunteers.    However they have probably reached their limit as far as improvement.   In the beginning, they had to lean on each other or the building just to stand and eat or drink.  But now they can both stand alone with no difficulty.  They can run, play and fetching water bottles is their favorite pass time.  They can go up 1 step and are both walking great on a leash, wearing a harness.  Weave can even stand on his back legs and put his front legs on your chest or the fence.  Bob not so much, he is a little bigger and not quite as advanced as Weave, but both super, sweet boys. 

Since no adoption came, a couple of our volunteers set out searching to find them a safe, forever home – and it happened!  The Best Friends Animal Society, located in Kanab, Utah, is a sanctuary for hundreds of animals with conditions that sometimes make them hard to adopt.  They are a not-for-profit organization that takes care of all kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats.    Visit them at and read about all the good they do and how they truly help animals in need.  And who knows, some day we might even see Bob & Weave on their website!  

It was sort of like a college entrance exam, getting these boys accepted.  They had to act in a few videos, pose for some really good pictures and fill out several forms.  But, it all paid off and they are off to Utah on April 27, planning to arrive at Best Friends on April 29! With all that being said – we know it’s going to be an expense we don’t normally incur or plan on, so we are asking for donations to help pay for “our boys” to get to Utah.  They will be driven by one of our volunteers and to make the process as smooth as possible for the boys, we plan on renting a van they can ride comfortably in inside their crates, so there will be the rental and fuel expense, food and lodging.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and you will be helping these boys get to their forever homes, and with the good that Best Friends does, they may even find them a real forever home with a real family!

If you would like to donate, you can send your tax deductible donation to Tri-Lakes Humane Society, P O Box 588, Reeds Spring, MO 65737 – be sure and put “Bob & Weave” in the memo line.  If you would like to donate on line, click the DONATE button on our Home Page of our website and make a notation for “Bob & Weave”, or just stop by the shelter at 102 Washboard Hollow Road in Reeds Spring and visit the boys before they are off on their ‘BIG ADVENTURE’!


Thank you

Remember, their best hope is us - our only hope is you!




After Bob & Weave's Big Adventure watch this page for pictures of their trip!
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