​We all know it can be so hard to see brand new baby kittens and not want to "save" them!  But if you pick up those baby kittens and bring them to the shelter, sometimes you aren't saving them at all.

​Sometimes it just may be that their mama has gone off hunting because she has to keep up her strength in order to take care of those baby kittens.

​If you do see tiny babies, please watch the nest for several hours to make sure that mama is not coming back, before you pick them up and bring them to the shelter.  When mama does come back and her babies are gone, she will hunt for them for days only to finally have to give up.

​We are not so equipped at the shelter, as the real mama, to take care of those new babies.  Occasionally we have a nursing mother that will take them, but if not, then the staff or a volunteer has to take them home and try to be a mama to them.  Most times that outcome is not a happy one.

So, please remember if you want to save those new baby kittens, WAIT!  Time will be the best thing you can give them.  And, if mama doesn't come back, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113 to see what the options are.

​Thank you!