​One morning when our staff came to work this is what they found:


​There are 6 of them total (didn't get pictures of them all because they are so wiggly:)).  They were in a laundry basket at our gate with a rubber trash can lid bungee strapped to the top!  At least, they were safe in that basket with a lid, had plenty of air and sat right at our gate, so all are safe and sound.

​We have a waiting list for intake - dogs and cats - because the "inn" is never empty!  However, if you will please call when you have a litter of puppies/kittens or adult pets, we can put you on that list.  Sometimes, we can get the animals right in, depending on size.  Sometimes there may be a couple days wait, but we can always take the animal(s) at some point.  Just call!!!

​We do have an "Intake Fee", which barely covers the cost of 1st vaccinations, worming and testing, and that's all we ask for.  That fee is $10 per puppy or kitten and $20 per adult.

​Right now we are doing some remodeling in Connie's Cat House so we are unable to take cats/kittens until the 1st part of November - we do have a list for that, but once the remodeling is over, we will be back up and running at full capacity.

​If you have a female dog or cat that you want to keep as a part of your family but she needs to be spayed, we can help with that, as well.  Twice a month we transport Tri-Lakes Humane Society animals to the SAAFhouse Spay/Neuter Clinic in Springfield and sometimes we have room for public animals.  Call the shelter and ask for more information.  You pay for the procedure, but it is a low-cost spay/neuter and we can give you all the information!

​So, if it ever comes up that you need to bring your pet to us - PLEASE CALL - for a reservation!  Don't leave those puppies, kittens or adult pets on the side of the road or the middle of the woods, or drop off in a subdivision for someone else to take care of or bring to us.  Visit with our staff and find out when you can bring that animal to us - we will take the animal, we just need a little information so we can get their room ready!





Pearls Helping Pets!

has donated $700 to the Tri-Lakes Humane Society!

 Lindsey and her son Jaxson volunteer at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society every chance they get.  When they heard about Pearls Helping Pets they thought that would be another way they could help!

​Here's how it works:  Pearls Helping Pets is an online retail store that sells cultured pearls that are still tucked away inside their mother oysters.  When you purchase an oyster, you can nominate an animal rescue organization.  Pearls Helping Pets holds a weekly drawing and the organization that is drawn at random receives 10% of all sales for that week! 
They also sell pendants and lockets for accessorizing the beautiful pearls that you purchase.

They host live broadcasts on Facebook at
​and during those live broadcasts, the pre-purchased oysters are opened. 

Check out their facebook page.  LIKE and SHARE their page to help spread the word.  Check out their website when you are ready to purchase your oyster or accessory, nominate the Tri-Lakes Humane Society and who knows. we may be picked again and will receive another nice donation!




​SHEP crossed over the RAINBOW BRIDGE

 Our beloved mascot Shep passed away July 31, 2017. 
​He came to the shelter in October, 2010.  He was roaming up and down a very busy highway, hungry, lost and scared.  His rescuer tried to catch him for 2-3 days, finally he got tired and just laid down.  She got him some food which he really liked and when she put the leash on him, he walked right by her side and jumped into her car.  Shep's rescuer came to visit him often, bringing him treats and taking him for walks.  She became his Guardian Angel and was until the end.

​It was a little rough for him in the beginning, he had heartworm disease, he was very thin and malnourished.  We brought him back to health and he seemed to be happy, all things considered.  He always liked women better than men - and would sometimes act very ferocious in front of a man, growling and barking at them, but we all knew he was just putting up a tough front :)

​When we were able to fence in all of our grounds with big divided grassy areas, Shep got to pick which yard he wanted, and of course he picked the one that most likely had a groundhog in it, which didn't live with him for very long, if you know what we mean :)

​Shep did get adopted once for about a week.  During that week he chased the cat, bit the goat and killed a chicken - BUT HE LOVED THE KIDS!!!  We didn't mind that he came back because we actually missed him and he went right back into "his" yard with his pool, dog house and patio which he laid on so often and watch the cars go up and down the road.  At that point we decided Shep was happy at Tri-Lakes Humane Society where he had a better life than some other dogs and we took him off the adoption list.

​A couple of times we came to work and would find a smaller dog in Shep's yard, only guessing how it got there.  Shep took good care of those little dogs until we came in and picked them up.

We want to thank one of our area veterinarians for coming to the shelter to help Shep cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  The staff, volunteers and his Guardian Angel were with him as well.  We think he was a happy boy, he got lots of attention and love.  He was taken well care of and he will be missed.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Shep, so he can still help us take care of all the other dogs and cats in our care, please send your tax deductible contribution to: 
Tri-Lakes Humane Society
P O Box 588
Reeds Spring, MO 65737
​Attn:  SHEP