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 Ruby found the perfect home with a little boy :)who she loves dearly!  Her family said she fit right in with them immediately, just like she had been with them her whole life.  They love her just like she's one of their human kids :)  The connection between Ruby and her new boy was instant.  Ruby, that big ol' girl has found the perfect family and loves it in her new home as much as they love her!

 ​He was Luke when he was with us,  now he's known as Duke!  His first few days were a little concerning but now his family knows what triggers him and all is well.  His person said he has turned into the perfect "furbaby" and knows several tricks - up, down, peek-a-boo, over and wave!  He knows several phrases like go potty, bye bye and night night and when it is bed time he runs excitedly to his crate, opens the door and curls right up like a baby!  He has lots of toys but only the sturdy ones survive :0  He gets to go to the dog park once a week, which seems to be the highlight of his life, playing with all the other dogs, but then he's glad when it's time to go home because he's worn out :)  He is quite the couch potato and can only share with 1 person since he takes up 2/3 of the couch - all 80 pounds of him!  And he's turned into quite the guard dog!  Good dog!