​Occasionally we hear from some of our past residents and/or their new person with all those good stories we love!  If you would like your adoption experience to be included on this "NEW" ​SUCCESS STORIES​ page, either send us your story via email at pets4u@centurylink.net or our facebook page TriLakesHumaneSociety.  If you would like to include a picture, we love to see  those and will post here, too!  Please let us know if it's okay to post if there is a family member included.

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We hope to hear from you all soon!!!

 SADIE ​loves to play ball  ​SADIE ​loves to sleep with her persons  ​SADIE ​loves to lay on the grandchildren's toys and blankets :)  Looks and sounds like Sadie is part of the family and very much loved.  She was adopted from the Tri-Lakes Humane Society about 5 years ago.  We love "SUCCESS STORIES" :)! 

​ KNICK-KNACK ​now just callked KNICK ​loves his new place and his new family is really enjoying him!  They said he is doing very well and that he is very obenient and loving AND that he is just a "big ol' lap dog"! :)

 ​FAIRY ​just went home a few days ago  but her family says she is already proving to be the perfect dog for them.  She was very busy surveying her new yard and approved so much she decided to take a nap right in the middle of her yard, laying in the sun :)  She also has her own bale of straw which she turned into a pile of stray, perfect for hiding her new toys and bones!

 ​LEXY ​a/k/a MAGGIE ​is doing GREAT!  She's so smart, sweet and loving!  Her new family is so happy they came to the Tri-Lakes Humane Society and adopted Maggie!  (We can tell she's a happy girl there in the car, just look at that smile :) !)

 ​ALMOND ​got to spend Thanksgiving with her new family in the mountains of Colorado and loved every minute!  Her new girl loved her the moment she met her!  Almond loves her new dog brother, they play together all the time.  Almond already knows a few commands like sit, lay down and stay.  But her favorite thing she likes to hear is "let's go for a ride"!  Her new family can't imagine life without her!

 WILMA now ​ZHARA and brother  FRED now ​ALASTAIR​ live like a king and queen and are named as such.  They were adopted together in May, 2013.  Zhara, which means beautiful suits her lovely exotic name and it immediately met her approval - her full name is ​Princess Bloomier de La Fluffybritches, Lady Mousebatten.​ Alastair wearing his grey and white tuxedo with stylish goatee is named for the British actor Alastair Sim because he is very dry but has a prominent sense of humor.  His full name is ​Lord Alastair Wellington McFluffington, Lord Mousebatten!​ ​They live with  ​OLAF ​n/k/a WINSTON, the sleek silver tipped grey shorthair on the left and his brother HANS n/k/a MAX​, the black longhair on the right, adopted in August, 2014!  They both have Mack truck sized purr motors - L O U D!!!  Winston is a silly boy, a real Dennis the Menace but hilarious and sweetly innocent.  His full name is ​Sir Winston Tiberius Fitz-Poshington.  Max unexpectedly grew into his name and turned out to be the biggest of all of them at 14.5 lbs. of solid muscle, but he is also the most shy.  His full name is ​Viscount Maximillian Ravenscroft Von Jodhpurr!.​  They are all four major cuddle bugs and all of their names give a nod to their fluffy pantaloons, except for Winston who is very plush and sleek, so he is naturally posh :)  All are amazing and wonderfully affectionate cats who get along with everyone!  "They are the collective apples of our eyes!"​  signed:  The Family that is allowed to serve such Royalty!!!

 ​PUDDIN'POP ​(left) was called SUNSHINE with us and SMOOT-MA-HOOTIE​ (right) was known as ​BOB ​with us :)  Puddin'Pop was adopted in 2014 and Smot-Ma-Hootie was adopted in 2015.  They sent us their picture and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING greeting!!!  They say they are spoiled rotten, but that's okay because their family looooves them!  Being city dogs, they think standing in the back of the truck makes them look like farm dogs :) :)

​ BUTTON ​who is now known as SCOOBY ​has really grown since being with us at the shelter.  She is the joy in her mom's life.  She was adopted 1 year ago this month and has the best home ever!  Her new mom said "thank you" for bringing the two of them together!  And "thank you" mom for picking Scooby, f/k/a Button :)
 CADIE ​loves her new home and  as you can see, p;robably loves laying on her new dad's lap more than she loves her new soft bed :)  Her new family hadn't been home with her for very long and realized she is just the best dog ever!  They also said they know how we worry about our animals when they go to their new homes, but that we will never have to worry about Cadie!

 ​SLUSHY, now known as ​HENRY  ​loves his new bed and his new family and they love him.  On his car ride home (see picture) they stopped at McDonald's and he even turned down that Big Mac - such a smart boy :)  Henry is very calm and gentle, very appreciative and very sweet.  His family is so happy they picked him and he settled right in with very little adjustment.  And, Henry, like brother Odie, below wants to remind everyone that he still has a mom at the shelter who will make someone as good of best friends as these two boys have!

 COAL ​decided to change the spelling of his name to KOLE, ​which is okay with us :)  and sent us the adorable picture of himself!  His person says he is the most spoiled puppy ever, sleeps in the bed every night and never misses a meal!  He is her "right hand man" and loves car rides and he has many bones!  He's the best dog she's ever had!

 ​EINSTEIN ​sent us the fetching picture of him in his new home which he loves and they love him!  He lives inside, has his bed right beside his person's bed and is very spoiled.  He gets walked (or walks his person) several times a day and loves it!  Einstein is now 60+ pounds of pure joy!

​HERSHEY'S ​person contacted us a few days ago to tell us all about Hershey, whom she adopted about 1 year ago as the cutest little puppy in the world :)  Seems he might have been the orneriest, too, but she wouldn't trade him for anything :)  He has his own instagram account and LOVES posing for the camera.  He's a  natural.  Unfortunately we weren't able to lift any of his cute pictures, so if Hershey's person sees t6his post, please email us some pictures to pets4u@centurylink.net and we will gladly post here.  And, thank you for sharing!

 RODNEY ​​riding shotgun, being "Cool in California"!  He flew out to his new home right after Labor Day and we've had several updates - how he took to that flight like it was just a normal car ride :) how he loves his new kids and new persons :) how his new brother had to make a little adjustment, but Rodney was very smart and stayed out of his way!  Now he and new brother love their time at the dog park and that's a good bonding place then going home together is a wonderful thing :)

​ BLACKIE​ who is now called MORSE ​certainly found his forever home, with the help of one of our staff!  His new family came shopping for their new family addition and a best friend for their beautiful dog Paisley.  Our staff member took one look at her and thought Blackie/Morse would be the perfect fit.  Well, it was love at first site (almost) :) between Morse, Paisley and his new family!  His new person said that Morse made the transition perfectly, just like he had lived with them his whole life and that he and Paisley have the same "chase and tumble" type of play.  They are also in charge of keeping the deck "squirrel free"!  He goes on 2 long walks every day and he loves his new home and they all love him!

 ​SODA now known is ​ODIE ​is doing very well and counting out the weeks :)  Week 1: He ran and hid at any new sound, ate his food like it was his last meal and was very shy - got his new name, Odie, met his new vet, got microchipped and got to go to his first dog park where he had a lot of fun and ran and played with is new housemate, the BIG Chocolate Lab!  Week 2: He learned some new lessons from his new family and he taught them a few things too - like when he goes to the front door it means:  'I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE, RIGHT NOW!'  Week 3:  He is much more relaxed and can jump into the back of the car for rides to the dog park.  He visits and watches everybody that comes and goes and stays right where he's supposed to, even when unattended.  He follows his new "big brother" everywhere and has made his own bed on the covered sofa in the master bedroom :)  Week 4:  Odie is doing very well.  He eats much more slowly and when he sees any of his new family members, his tail practically wags off :)  He is also really enjoying being a "house dog" and heads right for the front door after every walk.  p.s.  Odie would like to remind everybody that he still has a mom at the shelter and he knows you will be as happy when you adopt her as his new family is with him!

 ISABELLE ​is doing great in her new home.  She was kept separate from her new sibling for a couple of days, but now all is well.  And for a short-legged little girl, she is quite the climber - has cleared out her own little sanctuary a few shelves up in the book case where she likes to post herself and watch all the goings on down below :)

  ​CEASAR ​bonded with everybody in the family right from the start.  We think he just got to play more than he ever did and he loved all that playing and his new playmate!  Ceasar loves his new big back yard and his new house and especially loves his new person, who loves him right back!

 ​RUBY found the perfect home with a little boy :) who she loves dearly!  Her family said she fit right in with them immediately, just like she had been with them her whole life.  They love her just like she's one of their human kids :)  The connection between Ruby and her new boy was instant.  Ruby, that big ol' girl has found the perfect family and loves it in her new home as much as they love her!