​One of our previous adopters would like to keep helping our animals get adopted!  About 4 years ago we flew a puppy to South Carolina to live with his new family: mom, dad, 1 older dog brother and 1 older dog sister and he's still doing wonderful.

Well, his family has decided they would like to help some of our other dogs find homes.  They can't adopt another dog, but they would like to help out with the adoption fee.

So each month we will add a dog to this page that desperately needs a new home.  If that dog gets adopted during "his/her" month, we won't add another dog until the next month.  If that dog does not get adopted, he/she will stay on this page until a new home is found!

it seems is just one of those dogs that gets overlooked - maybe he's not "showy" enough?  He's a great little dog, a Cattle Dog/Terrier mix, very smart, good on a leash and well mannered - just very excitable!  He did get adopted for a couple of days but we were told he didn't get along with their female dog.  So, we put him to the test with a couple of our dogs and it's "game on" - they play and play and play until finally it's time for a nap!  Spunky is 1-1/2 years old and neutered.  He has a great personality, loves people and is ready to learn whatever you would have him learn.  We and Spunky's "adoption sponsor" say:
Let's get this dog adopted!!!


Keep watching this page - maybe your favorite dog will be posted here some month, ready for his/her new home!