You may or may not have heard of Black Dog or Black Cat Syndrome, but we, at the shelter believe there is definitely some truth in this phenomenon.  It is well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation, black dogs and black cats are much more difficult to find homes for.  They are usually the last dogs and cats to find homes and in some shelters across the nation, are often among the first to be euthanized.

There are several reasons that there are more black dogs in shelters than any other color, but maybe the main one is because black is the genetically dominant color for many breeds of dogs and Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog in the U.S. today and have been for several years.  Black is also the dominant color for cats and unfortunately some people think black cats are bad luck.  So, therefore, there are more black dogs and black cats in shelters because there are more black dogs and black cats in the world.  However, this does not explain why it is much harder to find homes for the black dogs and black cats than for dogs and cats of other coat colors.

When photographing black dogs and black cats, they don't show up as well as the animals with a lighter color coat.  Dogs and cats depicted in commercials, movies and tv shows are usually other colors, except black, unless there needs to be a villain dog or cat, and then usually it is a black dog or black cat.

When you place a black dog or black cat next to a lighter color animal, the lighter color animal stands out in your eye more than the black one.  Many people fall in love with the lighter colored dog or cat, or the dog or cat with unusual markings without ever noticing the black animal next to it.  Or, when you see the black dog in his kennel or black cat in his cage, you just simply don't notice him, he does not stand out among the chain link fence and concrete blocks or the cage wiring.

A dogs or cats coat color has no effect on the animal's temperament and personality.  Black dogs and black cats are just as playful and loving and fun as the dogs and cats of other coat colors.  When adopting your next best friend, please be aware that Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome is real and you may have a tendency to overlook the black dogs and black cats.  Take a second look and make an effort to see ALL of the dogs and cats available.  Don't walk out of the shelter thinking that there is no dog or cat for you because you overlooked the black dogs and black cats.  Make your decision based solely on the dog or cat that will be the best fit for your family regardless of the color of his coat.


        Comfy  Salty          


 Ember  Lillian  

Keep watching as we add more "black dogs"  and "black cats" to this page.  Maybe you will see one that you just can't live without!  But hopefully, we will also be deleting black dogs and cats from this page faster than we add them! 

Thank you for considering one of our black dogs or black cats, we're sure you won't be sorry with your choice.