"1/2 Price PET" Adoptions

​You probably know by now that when an animal has been at the shelter for 1 year, we consider them a "free" adoption.  Well, our pets (dogs and cats) usually don't stay at the shelter for that long, but it seems so unfair to keep them any longer than we have to.  So, it has been decided that we will now have 1/2 Price PET Adoptions for those pets that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.  And, we have been having great success with this program.  Our available pets change monthly, so keep posted, just in case your new best friend might show up on this page!

 Pilgrim is the nicest cat, loves to be petted and talked to, just not much on being picked up - a lot of cats are like that - just go with it!  Pilgrim is 3 years old and neutered, loves people and loves to rub around your ankles.  We think if you are sitting watqching tv, he'll be right ther on your lap, but it's at his own choosing and that's okay.  Most of us would prefer a little independence in our cats.  So, if you think Pilgrim might be a cat you would like to meet and possibly take home, come meet him.  He came to the shelter on November 12, now making him available at a 1/2 price adoption fee.

 Leo is a really good looking dog and only about 1 year old, not old at all!  When he came to the shelter on November 29, his sister came with him and he was busy trying to protect her.  Then she got adopted, so he was left alone and quite scared and nervous, keeping people from being interested in him.  Leo is still a little standoffish, but we know that if the right person comes along and gives him a little TLC, he will be the best friend you have ever had.  Leo is a Pointer mix, neutered of course, and quite handsome.  Come meet Leo and see what you think, he is a 1/2 price adoption and he's ready to go home today!

 Veronica is a 2 year old, spayed Boxer mix, loves people and loves to be with them.  She has a lot of energy and her person was just unable to keep up with her.  Veronica came to the shelter on November 9, so she is a 1/2 price adoption fee now, but we know that once you get her home and work with her a little bit, all that excitement will calm right down and she will be the best dog ever.  She is good on a leash, very smart, housebroken and loves people.  She likes some dogs, so it would be best to do a "meet and greet" if you already have a dog.  Veronica will make someone the perfect side-by-side companion and she's more than ready!

 Darrell came to the shelter on November 12, the busiest boy ever!  His person took on a puppy and realized that wasn't such a good idea, being a little older.  Darrell is very smart, good on a leash (once all the excitement is over) and housebroken.  He's only 1-1/2 years old and neutered, a Terrier mix.  Darrell just needs a person with as much energy as he has and that knows how to train him and calm him down.  He loves people and gets along with most dogs.  Darrell will make someone the perfect ride in your truck partner, fishing buddy or you  name it, he's a winner!  Darrell is available at a 1/2 price adoption fee - just needs the right person to come meet him!

 Blackie is a very handsome boy, a Lab mix with that Lab personality and will be a puppy his whole life!  Blackie never meets a stranger and is always ready for a walk or a game of fetch.  He does have a lot of energy, he just needs a person that can help him channel that energy.  He is good on a leash, does have good manners (once the excitement is over) loves people and loves to be with them.  Blackie gets along with some dogs, we always recommend a "meet and greet"!  He is 2 years old and neutered, ready to go home with you today.  Blackie is a 1/2 price adoption, because he came to the shelter on November 18, 6 months ago.