"1/2 Price PET" Adoptions

​You probably know by now that when an animal has been at the shelter for 1 year, we consider them a "free" adoption.  Well, our pets (dogs and cats) usually don't stay at the shelter for that long, but it seems so unfair to keep them any longer than we have to.  So, it has been decided that we will now have 1/2 Price PET Adoptions for those pets that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.  And, we have been having great success with this program.  Our available pets change monthly, so keep posted, just in case your new best friend might show up on this page!

 Pepsi is a pretty little Torbie cat, 2 years old and spayed.  She came to the shelter April 12, so is now after 6 months, a 1/2 price adoption.  Pepsi was very shy and a bit scared at first, but she's over that now.  She expects you to pet her the minute you walk into Connie's Cat House and if not, she will walk right up and pet you :)  Pepsi will make someone the purrfect furrever best friend and she's ready to go home with you today!

 Connie is the best dog ever!  She is a 5 year old, spayed Lab/Terrier mix, came to the shelter April 15, is extremely smart, great on a leash, has wonderful manners and is housebroken.  Connie loves kids and that's why she is at the shelter.  She does not like other dogs, so when a dog got close to her kids, she didn't much like that.  No one hurt, just her person thought she would be better in a home where there might not be any dogs around.  Connie loves people and loves to be with them and she would make a great watch dog, too!

 Dodger is 6 years old and neutered, a Red Heeler/Hound mix.  He and his brother, Dexter, came to the shelter on May 21, being their 2nd time at our shelter.  They were with us as puppies, then their person recently had to move out of the country and of course, the boys couldn't go.  Dodger has the more white in his coat, he's a handsome boy and he's very smart.  He would love to meet you and make you his new forever best friend, maybe with brother, too.

 Sweetie really is a sweetie!!!  She is 5 years old and spayed, a Hound/Terrier mix.  When you come to the shelter and see Sweetie, she always has a "kong" in her mouth ready to play a game of fetch or keep-away!  She is super friendly and never meets a stranger.  Connie's person became unable to care for her and no family.  She is very smart, good on a leash, even though she's a strong girl and has very nice manners and she's housebroken.  Sweetie would love to lay on your porch or by your side watching t.v.  She came to the shelter on April 12, 2015, and she thinks now's a good time to go home with you!

 Itty Bit is a beautiful "tri-color" cat - we learned that in Cat Colors 101!  In other words she is Calico with more black than white in her coat, but not a Tortoiseshell because she does have that white in her coat!  Now you know a little about Cat Colors 101 :)  Itty Bit is about 6 years old now and spayed.  Her family had to move and couldn't take her along.  She was terribly shy at first, but now she loves to be petted and loved on, she will even come up and rub on you, she just doesn't like to be picked up.  She is a really sweet girl and would love to meet you.  Itty Bit came to the shelter October 14, but now she's more than ready to go home with you today!  There will be a little adjustment time, but we think in her very own new home, it won't take her long!