"1/2 Price PET" Adoptions

​You probably know by now that when an animal has been at the shelter for one year, we consider them a "free" adoption.  Well, our pets (dogs and cats) usually don't stay at the shelter for that long, but it seems so unfair to keep them any longer than we have to.  So, it has been decided that we will now have 1/2 Price PET Adoptions for those pets that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.  And, we have been having great success with this program.  Our available pets change monthly, so keep posted, just in case your new best friend might show up on this page!  

 Mariah came to the shelter on November 7, 2017, as a 6 months old kitten.  She was the most shy in her family (now all adopted), so she is still with us.  Mariah is okay with being petted, just doesn't like to be picked up.  She is a sweet little cat, now about 1 year old, still young enough to change her ways, especially if she gets into a loving home with a person that will give her the time and space she needs.  A little TLC goes a long way with a cat like Mariah!

 Tobias is the most handsome cat, an American Shorhair, 2 years old and neutered.  Tobias is very picky about his person, and he's shown he does like women better than men, or at least some of them :)  He does love to be petted, but mostly he's happy doing his thing and expects the very same from you.  He was brought to the shelter because his family got a dog and he was not happy with that choice :(  Sometimes life isn't fair.  Tobias would love to meet you and go home with you today.  He has been at the shelter since December 23, but he's more than ready for his new home and Tobias is available as a 1/2 price adoption.

 Starla came to the shelter on January 5, and wonders why she has not found her furrever home.  She's a very smart dog, 2 years old and spayed.  She's great on a leash, well-mannered and housebroken.  Starla has a lot of energy and loves to play, but once she gets in the house and in her bed, she calms right down.  Starla gets very attached to her person and somewhat protective.  That's why we would prefer she goes home with a mature person that will love her and understand her.  Starla would be best in a home without children, because she will protect them from "everybody" else, if you know what we mean :)  Starla is now available as a 1/2 price adoption.

 Gabriella is one of those "not showy" dogs that we talk about quite often.  She is 2-1/2 years old and spayed, a very sweet girl.  She's great on a leash and has impeccable manners.  Gabriella is also housetrained.  She loves people and loves to be with them.  She will make someone the perfect best friend because she is such a good dog - one of those we call "the perfect" dog.  "Gabby" joined us on January 13, so she is now a 1/2 price adoption.