"1/2 Price PET" Adoptions

​You probably know by now that when an animal has been at the shelter for one year, we consider them a "free" adoption.  Well, our pets (dogs and cats) usually don't stay at the shelter for that long, but it seems so unfair to keep them any longer than we have to.  So, it has been decided that we will now have 1/2 Price PET Adoptions for those pets that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.  And, we have been having great success with this program.  Our available pets change monthly, so keep posted, just in case your new best friend might show up on this page!  



 Gracie was very shy when she first came to the shelter on April 14 but know she is much more social.  This gorgeous Dilute Tortoiseshell is 4 years old and ready to cuddle up on your lap and lounge charmingly in the sun.  This cutie has spent more than enough time waiting for a forever home so come and cash in on this half price bargain and get a loving companion.


 Goldielocks came to the shelter on May 23 and has become much more social in the ensuing months.  This lovely Orange Tabby is 4 years old and loves to have her ears scratched.  She deserves to be in a home where she can find a chair that is just right and get love and attention.

 Parson has been a guest of the shelter since April 6 and is such a great dog.  He is now 1 year old and ready for a home of his own.  He is going to make a great dog to accompany you on your neighborhood walks, adventure hikes or a jaunt in your truck.  This guy's friendly and enjoys his outdoor time.  Come and take this boy home.

 Becky is one of our special needs animals and she has been at the shelter since May 25.  Way too long.  She is blind in one eye which doesn't seem to affect her at all.  This sweet 7 year old kitty will make a great lap cat.  She just needs a home where she can be loved and cuddled.

 Ivette has been at the shelter since 5/21. She is just a friendly as can be.  She loves to be outside and is very well behaved.  This girl is 1 year old and has spent entirely too much time at the shelter.  She wants to go on walks, play fetch, and lay by her new owner.  Come and meet this girl.

 Maybelle has been at the shelter since May 24.  This sweet is now 1 year old and has become a very social little girl.  She is curious and loves to play.  She needs to go to a home where she will be loved and can become a member of the family.

 Crystal is 1 year old and has spend more than half her life in the shelter.  She came to us on 5/12.  She is a wonderful girl, loves to play and is quick to learn new skills.  She just needs someone to teach her.  Come and meet this beautiful girl, you are going to want to take her home.