Ocassianally we have kittens/cats or puppies/dogs that we want to see get adopted together, so we offer them as a "2-FURR" adoption, you know - buy one get one free!  Sometimes they are kittens that come in together and get along so well together that we don't want to split them up.  Sometimes dogs come in together that have been together their whole life and would be miserable without each other.  So, please check out our "2-FURRS" and see if you might be able to fit a "pair" of them into your family.

It's not mandatory that these pairs go together, it is just a suggestion on our part that will make them happy, save you $$$ and they are a good fit for each other, AND taking any one of these pairs will make you happy, too!

 WEAVE & BOB  are 7 month old pups and neutered, Shepherd/Lab/Terrier mix.  They have a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which causes their back end not to want to follow their front end.  They had a time at first, even standing, but we think they have now "peaked" and can stand pretty good, sometimes they support each other, they walk pretty good, but when they run their back legs tend to have trouble, but it doesn't slow them down any.  They love to play and fetch, especially with water bottles :)  They are super sweet boys that need a home together.

  DEXTER & DODGER   (brothers) are great dogs!  They can be "watch" dogs or not :)  They like to think they are really tough boys, but when it comes right down to it, they are push-overs and might lick you all over :)  They are 6 year old, Red Heelers and neutered.  They were at our shelter as puppies and got adopted together, but then 6 years later, their person had to move out of the country.  It was a sad day for all concerned.  They are both good on leashes, have very nice manners and are housebroken.  They would like nothing better than to go home with you today, together!  Something to think about isn't it?

 PRIDE & JOY   are the cutest brother and sister, Heeler/Bulldog mix dogs and as you can see she has that smart Heeler look and he has that sweet Bulldog look :)  They are 2 years old, Pride is neutered and Joy is spayed.  The main reason this pair is a "2FURR" adoption is because Joy is DEAF and she needs Pride to help take care of her.  She is a very smart dog, but a dog that can't hear needs a companion dog to help keep her out of trouble :)  And a fenced yard helps, as well.  They are good on leashes and very friendly, smart dogs, ready to go home with you today, together.