1/2 Price PET" Adoptions

​You probably know by now that when an animal has been at the shelter for 1 year, we consider them a "free" adoption.  Well, our pets (dogs and cats) usually don't stay at the shelter for that long, but it seems so unfair to keep them any longer than we have to.  So, it has been decided that we will now have 1/2 Price PET Adoptions for those pets that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.  And, we have been having great success with this program.  Our available pets change monthly, so keep posted, just in case your new best friend might show up on this page!

 Pilgrim is the nicest cat, loves to be petted and talked to, just not much on being picked up - a lot of cats are like that - just go with it!  Pilgrim is 3 years old and neutered, loves people and loves to rub around your ankles.  We think if you are sitting watqching tv, he'll be right ther on your lap, but it's at his own choosing and that's okay.  Most of us would prefer a little independence in our cats.  So, if you think Pilgrim might be a cat you would like to meet and possibly take home, come meet him.  He came to the shelter on November 12, now making him available at a 1/2 price adoption fee.

 Veronica is a 2 year old, spayed Boxer mix, loves people and loves to be with them.  She has a lot of energy and her person was just unable to keep up with her.  Veronica came to the shelter on November 9, so she is a 1/2 price adoption fee now, but we know that once you get her home and work with her a little bit, all that excitement will calm right down and she will be the best dog ever.  She is good on a leash, very smart, housebroken and loves people.  She likes some dogs, so it would be best to do a "meet and greet" if you already have a dog.  Veronica will make someone the perfect side-by-side companion and she's more than ready!

 Tiana is a beautiful, sleek, shiny black cag with huge gold eyes.  She is 6 years old and spayed.  Tiana's person had to move and couldn't take her with.  She is one of our cats with just a little "cattitude", very independent and likes things her way, but that also makes her a no-trouble-at-all cat - not needy like some :)  Tiana came to the shelter on December 10, so she is now available at a 1/2 price adoption fee.  Tiana tends to like men better than women, so if you are a guy needing a new girlfriend/bestfriend - she just make be purrfect for you :)  Come meet Tiana and see if you don't agree!

 Natasha is a really pretty Torbie cat - you know Tortoiseshell colors with Tabby stripes.  She is 2 years old and spayed.  Natasha loves to be petted just not picked up, and that's okay, we know a lot of cats like that.  She's not a needy cat, nor is she a showy cat.  She just likes her own space and doesn't need to get into your space.  She's what we would truly call a no-trouble-at-all cat!  She has been with us since December 8.  Her person became unable to care for her.  Natasha would make someone the purrfect best friend because she doesn't have "cattitude", she just has a quiet, gentle personality and would love to meet you and go home with you today.  She might hide under the bed for a few days, but she will eventually come out to visit :)

 Zelena and Anton (below) came from the same home with a few other friends.  She is 5 years old and spayed, a very sweet cat, not a needy cat at all.  We think sometimes when cats aren't real "showy" like Zelena, that's why they are usually with us a little longer than others.  Zelena loves people and loves to be petted.  She would love to be your lap cat for napping or just watching t.v.  She's very quiet and well mannered and very sweet.  She would be the purrfect companion for an elderly couple that are quite settled in and she would settle right in, too!  She has been with us since January 3.

 Anton and Zelena (above) came from the same home, joining us on January 3.  He is about 6 years old and neutered.  His person passed and no family to care for him and several of his friends.  Anton was very standoffish at first, but now he is everybody's best friend and can't wait to be petted and "fed" :)  He weight 28 lbs. when he first came to us - now he is at 22 lbs.  That's still a little heavy, but he seems to be okay with it :)  Anton is another no-trouble-at-all cat, but he does like company and loves to be petted.

 Lana is a beautiful Tortoiseshell cat, 2 years old and spayed.  She was a bit feral when she came to the shelter with her kittens, but has calmed down a bunch.  We can actually pet her now and she likes it :)  Lana arrived on January 4, so she has been with us just over 6 months now and the first 2 were hard for her, but she's all better.  She would make someone the purrfect in/out cat in time because she does have outside experience.  Once she knows her surroundings, she will be the best friend you've ever had!

 FuManChu came to the shelter on January 18, his person had to move and he couldn't go along.  He is a very nice cat, just a cat that doesn't need all that fancy attention.  An occassional pet on the top of the head is just fine with him.  He likes to just lay and watch what goes on around him.  He likes to watch the kittens playing but sees no need to participate.  FuManChu is a very  handsome boy, almost all white with a gray tail and a few gray spots on his head and of course his fumanchu :)  He is the purrfect cat for the person that just likes a "little" company :)

 Jazz is a very nice cat, 4 years old and neutered.  He's a no-trouble-at all cat, loves people, loves to be with them and loves to be petted.  Jazz showed up as a stray at his rescuer's house who was unable to keep him.  He never meets a stranger and he would love to be with you today.  Jazz came to the shelter on February 21, so he is now available at a 1/2 price adoption.  If you take this boy home, you won't be sorry and you will love him :)

 Oreo is a 2 year old, neutered Cattle Dog/Terrier mix.  Oreo is quite the lady's man and loves to play with the girl dogs, but isn't to crazy about the boy dogs - maybe doesn't want them moving in on his ladies :)  Oreo was abandoned when his family moved away.  He has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch and any other game that is very active.  Oreo is good on a leash (once all the excitement is over) very smart and well mannered and we do believe he is housetrained.  Oreo came to the shelter on February 7, which makes him now a 1/2 price adoption.  Great dog!

 Tom was missing a lot of hair when he first came to the shelter on February 16 and we don't think he felt very good either.  Well, after several visits to the doctor and a shot to stop the itch, Tom is doing much better now and most all of his hair has grown back - making him a very handsome silver Tabby cat.  Tom is 3 years old and neutered.  He loves to be petted, just don't overdo.  We think because he wasn't feeling good for a while is why we still have him.  But we think now that he is doing much better he would make someone the purrfect best friend.  Tom is a sweet boy and doesn't require a lot of attention.  Purrfect!